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We are an NDIS Plan Management provider in Cairns, catering to the immediate NDIS Cairns community and beyond. Our team not only helps in managing NDIS funds effectively but also provides a set of seamless services to relieve the participants from the NDIS administrative headache. From paying the chosen provider to monitoring the fund, we are a trustworthy NDIS administrative leader helping people with special needs gain the best out of their NDIS fund.

Finding The Right Fit: Pros & Cons Of NDIS Management Types

Understanding the pros and cons of the different NDIS management types is crucial when managing your funding effectively. So, read the pros and cons of various management types and know why ‘Plan Management’ is the best.

Plan Managed



Self Managed



Agency Managed



NDIS Plan Management: The Clear Choice For Peace

NDIS plan management provides participants with greater control over funding and decision-making while still having support from a registered plan manager. This option also offers more flexibility in choosing service providers than agency management, which has a specific list of providers. Overall, NDIS plan management strikes a balance between independence and support, making it a popular choice among participants.

Our Mission

We strive to make a positive impact in the lives of disabled persons by providing a range of NDIS administrative services. Our mission is to extend comprehensive support to those looking for personalised and easy NDIS plan management and administrative services.


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Thank you, DIAS, for your prompt & friendly service. Also, thank you for helping me administer my NDIS Plan. You have taken the stress off me of correctly paying my service providers

Patrick NDIS Participant

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Understanding NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme, popularly known as NDIS, is a government-funded scheme to support eligible individuals with disabilities to regain their choice and independence in their life through various disability services. Some of the major NDIS services are employment services, support coordination, assistive technology & personal care services.

Struggling to navigate the nDIS? We have time-saving solutions. NDIS Plan Management: The Clear Choice For Peace